Factory Units Spraying

Office, Shop & Factory Site Spraying

Applying paint to a surface by spraying produces the best paint finish possible, entirely free from brush and roller marks. Properly undertaken, on site spraying gives results that are vastly superior to conventional brush painting and brings the professional paint spray booth approach to any factory, office or shop unit.

Based near Bournemouth, but undertaking work across Dorset and Hampshire, EXCEL is a fully mobile team of onsite sprayers to undertake work on commercial properties. We pride ourselves in bringing the highest standards of spraying to a wide variety of painted surfaces. Our customers are amazed at the finish that can be produced on site.

Here at EXCEL we are used to meeting strict deadlines and go the extra mile to provide a flexible and fast service with professional looking results.

  • Shop front paint spraying
  • Factory  and metal cladding
  • MDF paint spraying
  • General refurbishment
  • Commercial Airless spraying
  • Commercial Fire rated painting ( Fire rated certificates supplied )

We are specialists in on site spraying for commercial, industrial, construction, refurbishment and food safe industries across the South Coast. With our extensive knowledge and highly skilled staff of specialist paint sprayers, we are accustomed to delivering superior solutions tailored to individual requirements.

Thorough surface preparation and high quality paint application ensure a long lasting durable finish. Whether it's a complete colour change you require as part of a rebranding project or simply renewing existing colour schemes, our cladding sprayers can offer a solution to meet your needs.

We work closely with building maintenance and construction companies, as well as the end client, to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum whilst keeping to strict health and safety standards.

Our professional staff can carry out the work during out-of-hours to minimise the disruption to your business. We are committed to achieving flawless results across a wide variety of spray coatings, each and every time for your business.

Paint spray masking is key to delivering a quality finish

The key to accurate paint spraying is the correct use of masking tape and sheeting to protect any surface that does not require paint. For many jobs, masking up can take as long, or sometimes longer, than the paint spraying itself!

Once dry, the mask can be removed to reveal the finished paint surface and the time spent is all worth while.

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